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І National Travel Summit

On December 2, the First National Tourism Summit, organized by the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine, was held in Chernivtsi.

In particular, the summit was dedicated to the current state of the industry, prospects and problems, and what exactly to expect for Ukraine as a tourist destination in the future and how to prepare for it.

On behalf of the Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ukraine, the representative and member of the Board of the Association of Inbound Tour Operators of Ukraine Maria Yukhnovets took part in the panel discussion "Tourism Business in Ukraine: Survival or Development" dedicated to approaches to business development in the tourism sector.

Maria shared information on the state of the inbound tourism sector, the Association's current priorities and our vision for the formation of future demand for Ukraine among international tourists.

It was also reiterated that the role of tour operators in the restoration of tourism is fundamental. Preservation of the inbound tourism sector will ensure the availability of competitive tourism products, and therefore the rapid recovery of the tourist flow, which will have a significant positive impact on the state's economy.

Inbound tour operators are ambassadors of our country, who work effectively to form its positive image.

We will stand together with our country and represent it with dignity in the future.


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