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Presentation of Kyiv in Istanbul

Next in line after Baku, we were waiting for Istanbul, Turkey. Really expected and welcomed! They presented the city of Kyiv, noted that it is in the city of Kyiv that everything begins, and, in fact, the trip to Ukraine as well. For connoisseurs of history, culture, active and adventurous recreation, shopping, gastronomic tourism - it's all about our beautiful capital! Of course, special emphasis was placed on MICE.

We are convinced that to increase the flow of tourists between countries, one of the most important conditions is cooperation at the business level. It is Ukrainian tour operators, offering unique tourist products, listening to the recommendations on preferences and important accents, will be able to expand the boundaries of perception of Ukraine as a tourist destination.

That is why we are especially grateful for the systematic work of the Department of Tourism and Promotion of the Kyiv City State Administration in the person of Marina Radova and the support of the Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Marina Honda, and for providing the opportunity to participate in events. Currently, for business, which is an unconditional driver of tourism development, it is very important to participate in B2B formats of meetings. This is a very successful symbiosis of interaction with local authorities.

We would also like to pay tribute to the Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul for supporting the event and assisting in organizing meetings with colleagues from Tursab. It is worth noting the high interest of colleagues from Turkey in cooperation with members of our Association. Contacts were received by absolutely all local companies that contributed to the event.


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