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#TravelMatch2024 & International Travel Fair #TravelXpo2024

On 11-14 January 2024 the Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ukraine participated in two outstanding events in the Norwegian Tourism industry: #TravelMatch2024 and TravelXpo 2024.

This became possible thanks to strong support of Ukraine by Hovedorganisasjonen Virke in our cooperation within ECTAA

#TravelMatch2024 - the largest and the most important event for Travel professionals, held on the January,11 at the Oslo Congress Center, was focused on traveling abroad from Norway. A large range of participants gathered there on both buyer and seller sides, had a significant number of meetings, most of them being based on pre-booked agreements.

#TravelXpo2024 – the biggest Norway's annual Tourism fair, held in Telenor Arena, Oslo on 12-14 January with a significant number of participants from all over the world and thousands of Norwegian visitors interested in new destinations that offer inspiration, information, and cultural experiences.

The representatives of the Association Oksana Nazarenko and Natalia Soboleva were voice of Ukraine and our Association at the travel show, welcomed lots of visitors that came with words of support to our country and its people and showed their big interest in Ukraine as a tourism destination for trips after the Victory!

We are grateful to our Norwegian colleagues for arranging AITO booth at #TraavelMatch2024 and #TravelXpo2024 and participation of our representatives in these events!

We also appreciate the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine and Department of tourism and promotion of Kyiv city administration for provided public materials.

We truly believe that Ukraine will become the #DestinationNumberOne after the Victory. Soon!

Our members, best DMC's of Ukraine, are looking forward to welcome tourists from Norway!


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