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Irpin is unbreakable

The city that stopped the enemy onslaught in March 2022 and now continues to rebuild daily. One of the solidarity actions aimed at the cultural and social reconstruction of the city and its landscaping took place on March 14. On the day of the Ukrainian volunteer, the community honored local defenders, and we, as members of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Network in the context of the solidarity economy, participated in this solidarity event.

During the campaign "Strengthen yourself and Ukraine!" TV presenter and author of the culinary YouTube channel Kostyantyn Hrubych prepared "cucumber soup" - an ancient dish according to the recipe of cook Olga Franko, in the "Peremoga" field kitchen. Peremoga is Victory in Ukrainian.  Our friends from Slow Food in Ukraine (Facebook) presented canapés based on recipes from Bessarabia. Petrykivka artist Nataliya Pidhirnya-Babin painted a symbolic drawing with Irpin oaks on the field kitchen-stove. This stove was handed over together with coffee from the Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ukraine to the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which fight in Donetsk region. At the end, participants planted young oak-trees grown from acorns from Irpin oaks.

On April 20, the next solidarity event "Bloom, Irpin" will take place. We invite you to join. We would like people to learn about the history of indomitable Irpin and its heroic inhabitants, to get to know the city and its revived embankment during this solidarity event. In April 2023, during joint solidarity and volunteer event we planted hundreds of viburnum bushes at the Irpin embankment, and now it seems to be one of the best embankments in Ukraine.


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