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Brand Ukraine International Conference

We had the honor to participate in the BRAND UKRAINE International Conference.

First of all, on behalf of the Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ukraine, we would like to express our gratitude and admiration! The power of the brand is incredible, driving and fundamental in shaping the perception of Ukraine in the world.

The Association of Inbound Tourist Operators of Ukraine, represented by the board member Maria Yukhnovets, joined the panel discussion "The power of the brand: how a positive image of Ukraine can pave the way to post-war recovery"

Such a discussion cannot do without tourism, because it is the driving force behind the formation of this positive image. Tourism - as a tool for learning about the country, all its important aspects, as a countermeasure to stereotypes and misperceptions. Any great story begins with a visit to a country - a great journey, a desire to do business, invest, study in it.

Therefore, the brand of the country should already be formed in such a way that the whole world knows that it is a wonderful tourist destination, which, in our case, is definitely worth visiting after the inevitable victory.

Thanks to the panelists and the moderator for a great discussion!


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