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Camp for kids of Ukrainian soldiers, forcibly displaced families & families in difficult conditions

The war continues and we have simply learned to live with this war.

Live and not be afraid, live and help, live and work, live and bring victory closer!

Already in the first months of the war, the decision was made by the joint desire of the Association members not to give up and to act despite the circumstances, restrictions and difficulties. An additional targeted program was adopted, which focuses on helping the categories of people most affected by the war. Therefore, everything that we have learned over the long years of working in tourism - what we know better than others, we used in our work for the benefit of Ukrainians, and especially - small Ukrainians, our future! Yesterday, on October 28, as part of the implementation of the targeted program, 45 children arrived at the camp in Prykarpattia. These children more than anyone needed rest, a change of environment, positive emotions and impressions, silence and a starry sky without flashes.

Thanks to the initiative and organization of the Association of Inbound Tourist Operators of Ukraine, to the informational and financial support of the fund, the incredible hospitality of the Davniy Halych National Reserve and the KNYAZHA HORA Hotel and Halych Tower Hotel-Restaurant, the organizational participation of the Kyiv City Center of Social Services and the Volunteer Army, young Ukrainians will again feel like carefree children, a week awaits them unforgettable impressions and emotions, care and joy!

Children of Armed Forces soldiers, forcibly displaced families and families in difficult life circumstances entered the camp.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who joined and supported our initiative.

We are determined to continue this project in order to care for as many children as possible who suffer from war. And we invite hospitality institutions and organizations that can provide help and support to implement an important mission to join.

Ukraine will win!


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