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Children evacuation to Albania for reabilitation

Today the whole world celebrates Children's Day. And we, Ukrainians, understand more than ever how important it is for children to be protected. Because our children are our future. We need to take care of them and make every effort to keep them safe and happy. Since the beginning of the war, we, the Association, have been helping to organize the removal and placement of children in safe places, where they can now distract themselves from all the horrors of war, recover and spend their childhood - actively, fun, with smiles. Also, if necessary, we provide further support and assistance during the stay and assist in returning to their hometowns. Realizing the importance and need to continue such trips, we initiated a program of summer children's camps that will host our young Ukrainians, especially children from the occupied territories, cities and regions with active hostilities, families from lost homes, military children, orphans and children. from orphanages during the summer.

We will be happy for any help, so we invite organizations in Ukraine and abroad who are ready to join this initiative to cooperate. Together to victory! P.S. You can see happy kids' faces in the photo who are in sunny and hospitable Albania for three days already!


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