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Everyone should realize the importance of solidarity and volunteer tourism

It is so easy to realize the importance of solidarity and volunteer tourism when you see it clearly basics of functioning & goals to be achieved by : ✅️ preservation of cultural heritage; ✅️ informing the world community about the merciless and destructive consequences of the Russian invasion; ✅️ attracting funds to the local budgets of the de-occupied territories; ✅️ support of local business that found itself in difficult economic conditions; ✅️ an opportunity to express solidarity and support; ✅️ formation of demand for further visits to Ukraine and all its regions.

Volunteer and solidarity tourism is the first and necessary step in the direction of restoring the tourist flow in the conditions of the end of the war with our victory. After all, these are trips that are full of new values ​​that appeared in the modern world due to a brutal war. This is the filling with new meanings of the concept of #ResponsibleTourism, which was introduced a few years ago at the UNWTO level as tourism that has a huge social component and involves a responsible attitude towards travel and the world.

In a recent speech, the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, noted that the tourism community supports Ukraine. And we are fully convinced that you can help the country and its economy by traveling. As a community of inbound tourism operators, we see the need already at the state level to encourage tourists to visit Ukraine precisely for the purpose of volunteer and solidarity tourism, as soon as it is possible from the point of view of the safety of their stay in Ukraine. This should be the basis of the current information and marketing strategy in the tourism of our state.

We would like to thank the USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine" for the initiative to develop a strategy for the development of these types of tourism in Ukraine today. The project of Preservation of cultural heritage in the context of the solidarity economy is a sure start on the way to rebuilding the economy and saving the cultural heritage of Ukraine. Together to Victory 🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine ✊️ ------- Photos from volunteer-solidarity trips in 2022, which were conducted to get to know tourist locations and local businesses located there Yabluniv mushrooms @vytach.bakery Ornament Ukraine Travel Each trip involved joint work and the transfer of what was necessary for the needs of the Armed Forces


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