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Great example of support by the industry partners from Germany

Professional connections and communication in the travel industry may cause great results! And people's empathy and humanity, willing to help and support, have no measures and borders 🙏

Today, we've managed to deliver successfully to Ukraine from Freiburg: generators, First Aid bags, boxes with dressing material and a wheelchair. Soon all these will be transferred to one of the military hospitals in East Ukraine.

It became possible only with the help and support of our colleagues from Germany, "Ukrainehilfe Vogtsburg" and personally Andreas Kiefer, who has initiated this delivery.

We are highly appreciated your kind support! We hope that it's only the first case we have and lot's of great projects dedicated to help Ukrainians ahead in the nearest future!! And, of course, we are grateful to our board members, a great team of true patriots for arranging of transportation and communication process! Great Job 🇺🇦🙏🇩🇪 Only being united, we are strong!


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