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Industrial tourism together with the NGO "Tourism in Kryvyi Rih" & National Tourist Organization

When there is determination, initiative, support and a common thirst for development, efficiency is inevitable This is the symbiosis that took place during the planning and implementation of the study tour to Kryvyi Rih for the members of the Association. Today, the development of industrial tourism should be a priority for the state as a whole, because this type of tourism is now very popular, and its potential in our country is inexhaustible! We have personally seen this.

We are infinitely grateful to Кривий Ріг туристичний/Tourism in Kryvyi Rih National Tourism Organization of Ukraine for organizing this tour! Then we will have fruitful cooperation 🚀 We, as inbound tour operators, will make every effort to make Kryvyi Rih a popular destination for industrial tourism among foreign tourists ✅

#visitUkraine #exploreUkraine #aitoukraine

We are grateful to our colleagues for these amazing 2 days!

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