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Road of Enogastronomic Tourism in Ukraine is just beginning

Projects and conferences are successfully completed, but the Road of Enogastronomic Tourism in Ukraine is just beginning✔️ Thanks to the honest work of professionals and incredible travel products, all the major victories lie ahead‼ ️ Ukraine is sure to become a top destination for gourmets and connoisseurs of wine and unique tastes ✅ We gladly joined the Odessa Wine Week conference, during which Marina Antonyuk, on behalf of the Association of Inbound Tour Operators, once again emphasized the inexhaustible potential of wine and gastronomic tourism for foreign tourists traveling to Ukraine🇺🇦.

We are deeply convinced that with the support of the regional and state levels, this now popular type of tourism in the world will rapidly gain momentum for our country as well☑️ The inspiration for the ending was an incredible video from JC Travel, which was shot during a promotional tour for tour operators, which took place in the summer of 2020 with the support of the project Geographical Indications in Ukraine. Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council The road of wine and taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia


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