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Speech at the 7th world summit of travel agencies` Associations in Granada

Association of incoming touroperators of Ukraine continues to strengths our relations with the world tourism community. We’ve been invited to 7th world summit of travel agencies` Associations in Granada to talk. How tourism industry of Ukraine survives in war times. How AITO Members, Ukrainian DMCs keep up? How world tourism industry can support their Ukrainian colleagues? Ukrainian Travel Industry is committed to tell the world about Ukraine as a great future travel destination. We work for recovering of Ukrainian tourism immediately after the Victory. Because we strongly believe that Tourism matters. Tourism can play big role in recovering and rebuilding of Ukraine. We prepare stage for it already now. We invite to #VisitUkraineAfterTheVictory. Planning travel to Ukraine after our Victory will help to rebuild Ukraine. And we count on travel professional colleagues from around the world in helping us to create this future organized tourism demand to Ukraine. We would like to express the deepest gratitude and respect to CEAV- Confederación Española de Agencias de Viajes for the great support and inviting us to this great event for Ukrainian travel industry to be connected with Tourism Associations from around the World and tell about Ukraine once again. This is very valuable for us! We know #WhatWeAreFightingFor


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